Discover the charms of Altea and its surroundings

Altea, without a doubt, stands as one of the most beautiful and charming villages on the Costa Blanca. This picturesque Mediterranean enclave is famous for its cobbled streets, the iconic blue-domed church, and an atmosphere that captures the essence of the Mediterranean. If you're interested in real estate in Altea, this is the perfect place to enjoy coastal living at its finest.

Enjoy the Charms of Altea

A Stroll Through Altea's Cobbled Streets

Walking through the cobbled streets of Altea is like diving into a living postcard. Its narrow alleys, filled with whitewashed houses with vibrant colored doors and flower-filled pots, invite you to get lost and discover magical corners at every step. The old town, known as the "Pueblo Antiguo," is especially charming, with its labyrinth of streets that wind up to the top of the hill, where the famous church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo is located.

Panoramic Views and Lookouts

Altea offers some of the most spectacular views on the Costa Blanca. From several points in the old town, especially near the church, you can observe panoramic views that span from the surrounding hills to the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. The lookouts, strategically distributed, are ideal for capturing unforgettable photos and enjoying sunsets that paint the sky with vibrant colors.

Cultural Life and Festivities

Altea is not only about natural and architectural beauty; it's also a hub of cultural activity and vibrant festivities.

Moros y Cristianos Festivals

One of the most notable celebrations in Altea are the Moros y Cristianos festivals, which take place in September. These festivities fill the streets with music, color, and spectacular parades, reenacting the historical battles between Moors and Christians. The community participation and overwhelming joy make these festivals an unforgettable experience for both locals and visitors.

Artistic and Cultural Scene

Altea is known for its vibrant artistic scene. The village hosts numerous art galleries, artisan workshops, and art stores. The Faculty of Fine Arts of the Miguel Hernández University, located in Altea, also contributes to its reputation as an artistic hub. Visitors can enjoy exhibitions, cultural events, and craft markets that reflect the local talent and creativity.

Costa Blanca Investments

Costa Blanca Investments is the leading real estate agency in Altea, offering a wide range of options from charming traditional houses in the old town to modern villas with sea views. The popularity of Altea as a destination for both living and vacationing has led to a flourishing real estate market. Living in Altea means enjoying a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle, with access to spectacular beaches, a rich cultural life, and a welcoming community.

Properties with Charm

The old town is particularly sought after by those looking for properties full of character and history. The whitewashed houses with terraces and sea views are ideal for those who desire a tranquil life but with all modern comforts. The newer areas of Altea also offer luxurious villas and apartments with stunning views of the Mediterranean, perfect for enjoying coastal life in all its splendor.

Gastronomy and Restaurants

Gastronomy in Altea is another of its great attractions. The village boasts a variety of restaurants offering everything from traditional Valencian cuisine to innovative culinary proposals. You can't miss trying the rice dishes, fresh fish, and seafood that form the basis of the local cuisine. Many of these restaurants are located in places with sea views, providing a gastronomic experience that delights all the senses.




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