Temporary residence in Spain: is it necessary to apply for it?

Understanding the nuances of temporary residence in Spain is crucial for navigating the legal landscape successfully. Are you considering making an investment in Spain or planning to stay for an extended period? You will need this type of residence. 

Besides, it is ideal for individuals who wish to stay in the country for more than 90 days but less than five years, offering a blend of flexibility and stability. 

Are you interested in applying for temporary residence in Spain? Keep reading to find out the main aspects to consider. You will probably need your NIE so do not miss our article about how to get a NIE in Spain

How to apply for temporary residence in Spain

Applying for temporary residence in Spain involves a series of steps, each one important for ensuring your legal status in the country. 

First and foremost, applicants must have a clear reason for their stay, such as employment, study, or investment. According to the information from the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, the process typically involves submitting a visa application at a Spanish consulate or embassy in your home country. 

Here are some general models of different types of temporary residence in Spain and in particular, information about non-lucrative residence.   

Once in Spain, you must register with the local authorities and obtain the necessary documentation, such as the Foreigner Identity Card. It's imperative to have all your paperwork in order, including a valid passport, proof of income, and, if applicable, a contract or investment documents. 

Benefits of Temporary residence in Spain 

For investors, temporary residence in Spain is not just a permit; it's a gateway to numerous opportunities. It allows you to live and work in Spain, thereby giving you a closer insight into the market and local business practices. This proximity can be invaluable for making informed investment decisions and establishing robust local networks.

Those with temporary residences can enjoy the vibrant Spanish lifestyle, which can be an excellent bonus for those looking to balance business with pleasure.

Costa Blanca Investments

Temporary residence in Spain provides a structured yet flexible framework for individuals looking to invest or spend a significant amount of time in the country. Understanding and navigating the application process is key to enjoying the benefits that come with temporary residency.

If you're considering investing in Spain or seeking temporary residence, Costa Blanca Investments is here to offer our expertise and local knowledge of the Costa Blanca Area.  Whether you want to sell with us or take some of our luxury property tours in Costa Blanca, do not hesitate to contact us  to find out how we can assist you. 


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